At Premier Specialty Pharmacy, we provide private consultations. By learning more about you, our team can help you to regain hormonal balance and back on the path to health living.

Hormone Consultation Process

  1. Provider will send / fax the patient’s lab results and current hormone levels to the pharmacist.
  2. Pharmacist will contact the patient to provide the hormone evaluation form (printable and electronic form below).
  3. Patient will complete the hormone evaluation form.
  4. Once the pharmacist receives the hormone evaluation form from the patient, pharmacist will review all materials and contact the patient within 48 hours to schedule a consultation by phone or in person.
  5. After the consultation, the pharmacist will email / fax the provider treatment recommendation and explanation.
  6. Once the provider has given the approval for the prescriptions, the prescriptions will be available for pick up or to be shipped for free on the same day. 

Online Hormone Consultation Form